Introducing the Herbal Remedies mobile app!
Part of the Healing @ Home Series from Dr. Kyle Christensen D.C., this app is an indispensable guide to Herbal Remedies that you can make for yourself at home. In practice since 1985, Dr. Christensen strives to discover and correct the underlying cause of your health problems. Understanding that the goal is not simply to heal the body but in many instances to heal the life. Expect straight and honest dialog with an emphasis to assist you in getting well as quickly and economically as possible. This app will assist you in creating Dr. Christensen's time-tested formulas and techniques!

Features include:

  • List of common conditons cross referenced to herbal remedies
  • Over 35 herbal remedies
  • Household solutions
  • Articles and Techniques.
  • Automatic updates for the latest information.
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, Android Phones, and Android tablets.
  • No ads, no banners, no in-app purchases.